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26-April-2016: Problem with Transmissions

Due to a recent windstorm, all of our TV channels have been knocked off the air. We are investigating the problem.

  • TIA provides free over-the-air television to Ukiah and Redwood valleys.
  • We now transmit in both digital and analog.
  • Programs include ABC, CBS, PBS, FOX and more.
  • TIA is funded entirely by your donations.
  • TIA is non-profit and operated by volunteers.
  • If you're watching TV with an antenna, then you're watching TIA.

Channel outages?

At the great distance we receive signals to rebroadcast to Ukiah valley, thermal layers in the atmosphere cause signals to fade producing TV outages at times. Typically, these outages last less than an hour, but on occasion may go longer. Modern digital signals have made this condition worse because rather than just adding static to the picture and sound, it goes completely off until the signal has fully recovered.

Updated 27-Apr-2016 [Edit]