TIA Ukiah

Scanning for New Stations

You may need to do this every few months...

With an antenna connected, you will need to "rescan" your TV to find TIA channels:

  • Press the MENU or SETUP button on your TV or remote control.
  • Find the option to scan for TV channels (antenna input).
  • Make sure you pick the option for antenna, not cable or CATV.
  • Your TV will scan for TIA channels. It takes a few minutes.

Your TV should now receive several channels. Press your up and down channel buttons to check them.

If the scan does not work, check your antenna connections and make sure you are not scanning for cable channels.

If you only see one or two channels, you may need to move your antenna to a better spot or check that it's really pointing toward Cow Mountain on the east side of Ukiah. If you have a long cable between the antenna and the TV, sometimes an antenna booster (TV RF amplifier) will help. You can find them at Walmart, Amazon.com, and other stores.

Updated 14-Nov-2017 [Edit]