TIA Ukiah

How to Receive Ukiah's TIA TV Signals

Almost everyone in Ukiah can receive the TIA stations. Here's how.

Try a small indoor antenna...

Many homes in Ukiah can receive TV with just a low-cost, indoor "bow-tie" antenna, such as the one shown here..

Point the front of the antenna toward Cow Mountain (east). If the picture is poor, try moving the antenna around, or locating it at a window. If your house is metal or stucco, you may need to try a few places.

Or use an outdoor antenna...

If you live out of town, or if your view of Cow Mountain is blocked by a house, trees, or other obstacles, an outdoor antenna will often solve the problem. UHF antennas come in different sizes, but a small 4-bay bow-tie model works quite well.

Poma TV in Ukiah offers a very nice UHF antenna that is easy to install. The price is $50.

Connect your antenna to your TV...

NOTE: You do not need a converter box for TIA channels.

If your antenna is more than a few feet from your TV, use a short length of coaxial cable.

It is best to use the wire type called RG-6. The older RG-59 cable is not great for UHF stations.

If the wire is longer than 20 feet, or if your reception is poor, it is a good idea to add a small UHF booster amplifier as well. The booster will greatly improve the picture quality.

Setup your TV...

Once your antenna is connected, you can setup your TV to make it easy to go to each channel:

  • Press the MENU or SETUP button on your TV or remote control.
  • Find the option to scan for TV channels.
  • Make sure you pick the option for OFF-AIR, not CABLE or CATV. (They will not work.)
  • Your TV will scan for TIA channels. It will take a few minutes.

Your TV should find all (or most of) the channels listed here. Hit your up and down channel buttons to check them.

If the scan does not work. Check your antenna connections and make sure you are not scanning for CABLE channels, which are on different frequencies.

Support TIA...

We depend totally on contributions from Ukiah TV viewers! We get no money form the TV stations. We are a non-profit community service organization. Send your contribution today!

Updated 12-Oct-2015 [Edit]